Please Note: these are separate and different from your automatic text messages sent through Resy, to learn more about those messages please read this article.

Quick Replies allow you to save common text messages you send your guests on the Notify, Waitlist and Booked lists. 

How to Add and Edit Quick Replies

Quick Replies are sent manually and are device-specific, meaning these are sent by your team and unique to each iPad or iPhone. To add Quick Replies on the iPad, tap your restaurant’s name in the top left corner of the screen then select Settings > Quick Replies. 

Fill in each blank field with your Quick Reply for their corresponding list. The Default Waitlist text is for your waitlist guests, the Default Reservation text is for your booked guests, the Default Notify text is for guests signed up for Notify. Please keep in mind there is a recommended 160-character limit on each SMS, including spaces. Once the message is written, you'll tap the "x" in top right corner and it will save automatically.

Examples of Quick Replies

Waitlist - This text is sent to guests on your waitlist.

Please note we only seat complete parties. Thank you for your patience!

Reservation - This text is sent to guests on your booked list. You can use this text to guests to let your guests know about specials, promotions or ask about dietary restrictions and celebrations. Pro-tip: you’ll want to introduce yourself - make sure to use you restaurant’s name!

Hi from Tom’s Restaurant! Please let us know if you’re celebrating or have any dietary restrictions. Looking forward to having you in!

Notify - This text is sent to guests on your notify list. You can reach out to them letting them know you also accept walk-ins, your bar is first-come-first-served or to give you a call!

So glad you want to join us at Tom’s Restaurant! Please give us a call at 123-456-7890 and we'll do our best to squeeze you in!

How to Send Quick Replies

Send Quick Replies directly from the reservation on your iPad or iPhone. Tap into the reservation, waitlist or notify entry and tap on the CHAT tab. 

From there, tap the green chat bubble and lightning bolt in the bottom right corner of the window to populate your Quick Reply, then tap Send. Tap on the next name from your reservation list, tap the chat bubble, tap send and repeat to send to all your guests!

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