Your Guide to Reopening on Resy!

ResyOS (iPad)

Floor Plans:

You can create a new floor plan or edit an existing floor plan.

You can adjust your existing floor plan due to reduced capacity mandates.

Dashboard (Web)

Service > Shift Settings:

You can create new shifts, edit or copy existing shifts.

You can open your shifts or make changes to go in effect on a future date.

You can open a specific floor plan starting a certain date in the future.

Guest Communications:

You can view your Email and SMS settings to be sure they are up to date.

Venue Settings:

You can edit the content your guests see online.

You can make reservations live to the public by adjusting your booking window.

If you need any assistance, we are here for you!

Chat the Resy Support Team through the ResyOS app or from our online Dashboard or email us at

Click here for more information on How to Contact Resy Support.

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