Copy your original set up to a new floor plan for future use.

First, on the iPad you'll tap the restaurant name in the top left corner to open the drop down menu.

Tap the floor plan title at the top of the Floor Plan Editor to open the Manage Floor Plans window where you can copy the floor plan:

TAP PAGES: Copy a floor plan - a quick way to make a copy of a standard floor plan and rename it "COVID Reopening".

Editing the Floor Plan

When you open the Floor Plan Editor, you'll see your floor plans and be sure to select "COVID Reopening" to make changes: 

Tap on Select Multiple at the bottom of the Tables list. Select half of the dining room tables and then the green Done Selecting button. From there you can Delete the tables.

You will need to add in any Table Combinations by navigating to the Combinations tab at the top of the Table Details menu. Combinations do not copy over to new floor plans. 

Be sure to select an appropriate Table Type when adding Tables or Table Combinations.

In order for the floor plan to show in the shift, you'll need to activate the floor plan in the shift and adjust the availability as needed.

To edit table availability for ALL SHIFTS, you'll log onto the Dashboard using Chrome:

  1. Click on the top left corner > Service > Shift Settings

  2. Click the three dots on the top right corner and select Edit Shift

  3. Scroll to Step 2: Service Settings > Floor Plans

  4. Toggle off your current floor plan and toggle on "COVID Reopening"

  5. Scroll to Sept 3: Availability > Select Online, In-House or Walk-in -OR- Select Customize Availability by Time to create mixed availability on certain times and tables

  6. Select Done and then Update Shift to save changes

Read more about why this is important here.

If you need any assistance we are here for you. Chat the Resy Support Team through the ResyOS app or from our online Dashboard or email us at Click here for more information on How to Contact Resy Support.

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