In this article we'll show you the best way to maximize covers throughout your shift when not using fixed seating times. 


Regulate the covers you want to drive for each time increment during your shift with your pacing

  1. In the Shift Editor you'll find your pacing settings in 'Step 2 Service Settings'.
  2. By default your pacing will be set to 10 covers each 15 minutes from the shift start time to the event end time.
  3. Set the x amount of covers per seating time (This will be the max amount of covers/guests you can allow per 15 minutes.
  4. You can customize different max covers per specific increment by clicking 'show custom pacing' and manually editing each increment

Next, you'll want to set your availability to manage which tables go online:


Editing Your Table Availability to optimize your seatings 

  1. In the Shift Editor you'll find your availability settings in 'Step 3 Availability'. By default all your tables will be set to online and you can adjust by table type form the main view. 
  2. You'll want to edit your availability so that only the tables you want booked online by guests are set to 'online'
  3. Any tables you'd like set for in house booking or walk in only should be set as such
  4. tables set to online will communicate with your set pacing (from above) so that guests cannot book over your set pacing limit. 
  5. In-house tables can be booked above pacing as they are managed internally by you, so if you do not ever want to exceed pacing limits in house, set a number of tables as walk in only

In this example, I set the bar to walk in only and the rest of the floorolans and tables as online for guests to book:

Finalize all changes by clicking "update availability" and then "Update Shift"

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