To access Analytics from the Resy Dashboard, click the graph icon in the top left corner and select 'Analytics' from the dropdown menu.

You'll see each topic has its own tab in the Analytics page. The new reports are called C-19 Affected Reservations and C-19 Prelaunch Dashboard.

Top Table:
- Cover source data to help you understand where your covers came from prior to the shutdown. You can use this data to focus your marketing efforts as you reopen your doors.
- The average No-Show rate and Late Cancellations in the months leading up to the closures. Use this to manage overbooking your reservations. You will likely see higher rates in the early days of reopening.

Middle Table:
- Average covers by day and service period from the weeks leading up to the mandated closures.
- We have also provided 30%, 50% and 70% of those averages for comparison to see what a successful return should look like under new occupancy restrictions upon reopening.

Bottom Table:
- Average turn times by party size, by day of week and service period to help guide you as you adjust your shifts. Consider that diners may be in and out a bit faster than before and drop the turn times in your settings a bit to compensate the adjustment period.

C-19 Affected Reservations is a report of all reservations that were on your books prior to closing for dine-in service, beginning on March 9th. You can export this list to gather guests' contact information that had previously booked reservations and email them to give them priority on rebooking for the future.

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