PrePay allows a third party to purchase the full meal or an item (ex. wine bottle) for an existing reservation.

Please Note:

  • PrePay is an exclusive feature for our 360 partners. If you're interested in upgrading, please reach out to our Support Team via chat or

  • Prior to using the feature, ensure your banking information is on file in the Dashboard. We won't be able to disburse the funds to you without it.

How to Add a PrePay

  1. Tap on the reservation from the booked list

  2. Tap on the 3 dots on the upper right

  3. Tap Add Prepay

How to Add the Payer and Payment

  1. Enter the mobile number of the Payer (They will receive a link via sms)

  2. Choose the Payer from the Resy database or create a New Guest

  3. Add in an Item Description (Bottle of Wine, Full Dinner, Champagne Toast, etc)

  4. Add in the Amount the Payer has agreed to pay.

  5. Select Gratuity (optional)

  6. Note whether it's a surprise (optional)

  7. Once all information is filled out, Tap "Send PrePay Request"

Next, the payer will receive a text message to fill out their credit card information.

Please Note:

  • We recommend always selecting Maximum over Fixed. If you select Fixed, you will not be able to adjust the price once the payer enters in their credit card information.

  • The mobile number entered should be the payer because they will receive a text message asking them to fill out a secure form to enter credit card information.

Prepay Statuses

  • Pending: This status means a Prepay request has been sent to the Payer and they need to tap the link in the text message they received to enter the payment details.

Not Charged: This status means the Payer has filled out the payment details but they haven't been charged for the Prepay yet.

Charged: This status means you have clicked 'Charge' on the guests Prepay to charge the Payers credit card.

How to Charge PrePay Requests

Please Note: If the status is still "Pending" before service, call the payer to ensure that they can add their credit card information, or the PrePay cannot be charged.

  • Before the guest leaves the restaurant and the check is closed in the POS, tap the Charge button and enter in the final amount of the item or meal. *Note: You should factor in both sales tax and the gratuity into the final cost

  • Once charging through Resy the status will change from "Not Charged" to "Charged". **If the status does not change to "Charged" and stays as "Not Charged", there is an error payer's credit card information and they should be contacted to gather proper payment**

The payer is going to get a receipt via text message when the payment is processed successfully.

How to Reconcile PrePay Charges on your POS

  • The item or meal should be charged to a house account on the POS systems. You can create a Resy house account button on your POS for organization sake, and again ensure that sales tax and gratuity are factored in to the PrePay amounts.

  • Payments are disbursed via direct deposit 48-72 hours after the payer's credit card is charged.

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