The below best practices will equip your team with the resources they need to use the Resy Pre Pay feature successfully. If you are currently not a Platform 360 Resy partner and would be interested in upgrading, please reach out to our Support Team for more information.

Set-Up a Resy House Account on your POS

As a first step, ensure that your POS is set-up to reconcile the funds that a Resy Pre Pay will be bringing in. Setting up a Resy house account on your POS will make the process much easier for your servers to close out checks.

Custom Reporting and Visit Notes for Better Tracking and Visibility
There is no visual indicator on the booked list if a reservation has a Pre Pay. Pre Pays can only be seen by tapping into a guest profile. Using both custom reporting and visit notes, your team will have a seamless way to keep tabs in all upcoming Pre Pays. We suggest the following to stay on track:

Two custom reports set-up by your dedicated Restaurant Success Manager:

  • Weekly Pre Pay report including their status (Pending, Not Charged, etc)

  • Transaction report to keep track of all payments processed through Resy.

Visit notes can help the team as they're scrolling through the booked list before service. As soon as a team member enters in a Pre Pay, they should also add in a visit note such as "Pending Pre Pay".


  • Pre Pay funds are disbursed 48-72 hours after being charged in Resy.

  • In your Settings of ResyOS ensure that "Show reservation Visit Notes on reservation list" is toggled on so the visit note appears below the guest's name.

Pre Pay Audit Prior to Service
On a weekly basis, the custom Weekly Pre Pay Report should be monitored from the analytics page to get an idea of how many are upcoming and what the status is.

  • For any upcoming Pre Pays that have a "Pending" status, the payer has yet to enter their credit card information. Your team should call the payer in advance of the reservation date to capture that information via the secure payment form the payer received via text.

On a daily basis before service, each reservation that has a Pre Pay on file should have a status of "Not Charged" indicating the payer has entered in their credit card information but they haven't been charged yet.

  • For any Pre Pays that have a status of "Pending", payers should be called immediately. If they're unable to provide their information through the payment form, the Pre Pay should not be handled by your team.

Charging and Reconciling Payments
Pre Pays should always be charged before the check is dropped to the guest to ensure payment goes through successfully.

  • If the status after charging is not changing to "Charged" and remains at "Not Charged" there was an error with the credit card and the payer should be notified immediately.

  • The final price charged should always include both the sales tax and the gratuity into the final price.

  • Once the Resy Pre Pay status has changed to "Charged", ensure that you use the house account Resy button on the POS before closing the check. The payer will get a receipt via text message.

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