The Host of the Reservation:

  • Invites guests through a shared link they can find in the Resy App or their Account

  • Manages the list of Invitees by Adding, Removing and Viewing Invited Guests from Resy App and Account

The Invited Guests:

  • Accepts an invite through a link sent to them from the Host

  • Removes themselves from the invite through the Resy App

  • Views the reservation summary in their account in the Resy App

How the Host Invites Guest in the Resy App

The Host of the Reservation will need to locate reservation in the Resy App:

  1. Click the silhouette icon on the upper left

  2. Select the reservation

  3. Scroll down to "Invite Your Party"

From here, click on "Unknown Guest" or the share icon and the Host will have a copied link to share.

Multiple invite channel options will appear. Once an option is chosen, they'll paste the link to the chosen recipient and send.

The Invited Guest will use the link to "Join the Party".

How the Host Invites Guest through

The Host of the Reservation will need to log-in to

  1. Click on Profile photo

  2. Select "Reservations"

  3. Select the Reservation

  4. Scroll down to "Invite Your Party"

  5. Click "Copy Link"

  6. Paste the Link to Share with Invitee to "Join Your Party"

How The Guest Accepts an Invite

The Invited Guest receives a link from the Invite channel the Host selected.

Once the invitee clicks the link, they'll click '"Join the Party".

From there, the invitee will be required to login to their existing Resy account or create a new Resy account in order to join the party.

How The Host Manages Invites

The host will find their reservation in the App or account can remove an invited guest by clicking their name on the reservation in the Resy app:

How the Invited Guest Manages Invites

Invitees can remove themselves from the party by clicking 'Remove Myself' on the reservation in the Resy app:

What the Restaurant Sees

The restaurant is able to view all the invited guests information through the Host of the Reservation's profile as shown below:

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