View your listing on and confirm the following:

  • Reservation availability

  • Photos

  • Venue & Reservation Copy

  • Address & Map

  • Social Media Links

View the widget on your website and confirm the following:

  • Widget is installed correctly

  • Guests are able to book

Review your shifts and table inventory

You can manage all of your shift details through our Online Dashboard. Once logged in:

  • Click on the Graph icon on the top left corner

  • Click on Service

  • Toggle to the Shift Settings page to make changes to your base shifts including pacing, turn times, and table availability

  • Toggle to the Calendar page to make single day edits and close dates

You can also view your inventory in the ResyOS Timeline View:

  • Online: Indicated by the dark shaded squares in the timeline view. Can be booked through consumer channels. Consumer booking options are also dependent on pacing.

  • In-House: Indicated by a house icon in the timeline view. Reserved for in-house bookings. Can only be booked through ResyOS and the Dashboard.

  • Walk-In: Indicated by the walking icon in the timeline view. Reserved for walk-ins only. Cannot be booked through any channel including ResyOS, Resy App or

  • Spread of Covers (Pacing): Indicated on the bottom of the timeline and floorplan view. Total covers for the shift and covers booked per 15 minute interlap. Tap to display party size breakdown booked for 15 minutes

Review your floor plan in ResyOS

  • On the Floor Plan view check your seating capacities

  • The black circles are the minimum number of guests and the total circles are the maximum number of guests that can book on the table

  • PLEASE NOTE: Any changes saved to the floor plan with automatically be reflected online.

Review date closures including holidays and scheduled closed dates

  • In ResyOS, click on the calendar icon on the top right of the iPad >> find the date you wish to close >> hold down on the date and swipe to close

  • You can also close out date in the Online Dashboard under Service >> Calendar >> click on the date and select close shift or day

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