You can use Add-on Items as an enhancement to the Resy Dine at Home.

For example:

  • Take-home item (ex. cookbook),
  • Meal supplement (ex. Beverage pairing, caviar)

Please Note: You will need to have the Resy Dine at Home Pickup options already set-up before you can create Add-on Items. If you do not already have Pickup options set-up in your shift settings, fill out this form. Please reach out to Support if you need assistance with this process.

How to Create Add-on Items:

  1. Select Shift Settings Tab
  2. Select the Shift > Tap the three dots > EDIT
  3. Scroll to Step 6 > Pickup
  4. Tap the Pencil to Edit
  5. Tap on "Items" Tab
  6. Tap "Select from Library"
  7. Tap "Create Item"
  8. Add Required Fields: Name, Price, and Item Type
  9. Add Optional Fields: Description, Image
  10. Choose Inventory Options (Total Inventory, Daily Limit)
  11. SAVE

Learn more about How to Manage your Add-on Items in this article.

How to Choose Add-on Items:

  1. Select the Shift > Tap the three dots > EDIT
  2. Scroll to Step 6 > Pickup
  3. Tap the Pencil to Edit the Pickup option
  4. Tap on "Items" Tab
  5. Tap "Select from Library"
  6. Select the Item or Items and "Add to Pickup"
  7. Tap "Update Shift"

Please Note: Add-on Items are currently only available as a Prepaid option in the Pickup Booking flow.

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