We highly recommend that our partners utilize ALL of these automated features as it relieves the manual work of confirming bookings and helps ensure that your system is functioning effectively for your space! Cancellations made ahead of time allow others to fill those empty seats and hopefully ensures that you are maximizing your dining room capacity.

Manage your guest SMS communications directly from the online Resy Dashboard. To access, click the graph icon in the top left corner and select 'Guest Communications' from the dropdown menu.

Navigate to the 'Text Messages' tab at the top of the screen. There are three types of automated text messages your guests can receive:

  • Reservation Confirmation - Allows guests to confirm or cancel through SMS saving you time from manual confirmations and encouraging timely cancellations to give you the best shot to rebook when guests' plans change.
  • Follow-up Reminder - this sends another text to anyone that DID NOT confirm the first time they received the confirmation message.
  • Day-of Reminder - This offers an opportunity to send extra information about the restaurant to the guest just ahead of their reservation time, helps reduce late arrivals, and opens the 2-way text option for guests to reply directly to you with last minute information.
  • Waitlist Messaging - Automated texts for adding, confirming and cancelling guests on the waitlist.

For more details or to see text timing, you may read this helpdesk article.

If you need any assistance we are here for you. Chat the Resy Support Team through the ResyOS app or from our online Dashboard or email us at resysupport@resy.com Click here for more information on How to Contact Resy Support.

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