This article will walk you through how to take your Global Dining Access tables offline for blackout dates (holidays, buyouts, closures, etc). It's important to add all known blackout dates to your calendar and keep your blackout dates updated as new buyouts and holidays approach. We'll send out regular reminders throughout the year to keep this top of mind! For partial closures or availability edits, please refer to the walkthrough for Single Day Edits.

How to Close Days/Shifts in the Resy Dashboard

Click on the graph icon in the top left corner to open the dropdown menu and select 'Service'.

The 'Service' section of the dashboard will open up on the 'Calendar' tab. Scroll to the month/day you need to close and click on the date to access the 'Close Shift or Day' option.

After clicking 'Close Shift or Day' select 'All Day' or the specific shift you need to take offline and save in the bottom right corner to complete. You'll see the date on the calendar greyed out to confirm your reservations for that date are not available online to book.

If you have questions or need help editing blackout dates you can chat with Resy support anytime by clicking the chat icon at the bottom right corner of the Help Desk and Resy Dashboard or by emailing us at

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