This article will walk you through how to review and confirm the daily/weekly tables you have allocated to Global Dining Access. It's important that you've confirmed the tables you are offering and are blocking/holding these reservation times in your reservations books to keep them available for Global Dining Access. If any edits need to be made to your availability, the Resy Support Team is here to assist!

Review Your Table Availability for Global Dining Access

From the Resy Dashboard, click on the graph icon in the top left corner to open the dropdown menu and select 'Service'.

From the 'Service' section of the dashboard, select the 'Shift Settings' tab to access your shifts and click the three dots in the top right corner of a shift to access the shift editor. If the tables your are offering differs based on the day of the week or service period, you'll see more than one shift in place. Please follow the same steps to confirm the tables your are offering are correct for all shifts.

When the shift editor opens, click on 'Step 3 Availability' and select 'More Customization'.

With the availability customization window open, select the 'Slots' tab at the top of the view.

Each slot you see in this view represents a single reservation for this shift and the details of each reservation you are offering can be viewed on the slot.

Please confirm that the tables in place for you are correct and review each shift you have in place if you have different offerings for different days of the week.

If you have questions or need help making edits to your table availability you can chat with Resy support anytime by clicking the chat icon at the bottom right corner of the Help Desk and Resy Dashboard or by emailing us at

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