This article will walk you through how to manage your incoming Global Dining Access reservations and transfer the reservation details to your reservation books. Acknowledging a reservation as 'Mark as Transferred' lets American Express know you have all the details you need to facilitate the card member reservation. We ask that you acknowledge and transfer all reservations within 24 hours of the booking time.

Resy Email Alerts

Every new reservation, reservation change and cancellation will trigger an email alert that includes the reservation details. After viewing the reservation details and adding the reservation to you reservations books, click 'Mark as Transferred' directly from the email alert to let us know. To manage all of your new reservations from the Resy Dashboard, click the 'Manage Global Dining Access' link included in the email alert.

Using the Resy Dashboard to Manage Your Reservations

The 'Exclusive Booking' section of the Resy Dashboard can be used to manage all aspects of your upcoming reservations. Here you can view all of your reservations that are 'On the Books', mark reservations as 'Transferred', make reservation changes or facilitate cancellations.

Click the graph icon on the top left corner and select 'Exclusive Booking' from the dropdown menu.

Click the 'Global Dining Access' tab to see all of the new reservations that need to be transferred to your reservation books. Here you can view the reservation details and click the ✓ icon to 'mark as transferred' when you've added the details to your reservation books. We ask that you acknowledge and transfer all reservations to your reservation books within 24 hours of the booking time.

Click 'Show Transferred Reservations' to expand the view to show all of your reservations if you need to review any reservations details that are already on the books.

If there are other actions you need to take regarding a reservation, click the three dots icon to access the action menu. The image below highlights the menu options and how they should be used.

If you have questions or need help managing your reservations, chat with Resy support anytime by clicking the chat icon at the bottom right corner of the Help Desk and Resy Dashboard or by emailing us at

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