This article will walk you through how to remove some of your table availability for a specific date by making a 'Single Day Edit'. You may need to do this for a partial closure/buyout or if you had to give away one of the tables you typically hold exclusively for Global Dining Access. For FULL shift/day buyouts and closures please refer to the walkthrough for Blackout Dates.

How to Edit Your Availability for a Single Day or Shift

From the Resy Dashboard, click on the graph icon in the top left corner to open the dropdown menu and select 'Service'.

The 'Service' section of the dashboard will open up on the 'Calendar' tab. Scroll to the month/day you like to edit and click on the date to access the 'Single Day Edit' option.

With the shift editor open, navigate to 'Step 3 Availability' and select 'More Customization'.

With the customized availability window open, select the 'Slots' tab from the top of the screen to view the tables you have allocated to Global Dining Access on this date.

You can take any slots you cannot accommodate offline for this date by clicking on the slot and selecting 'Delete Slot' from the slot editor on the left hand side.

When you've removed the slots you cannot accommodate, click 'Update Availability' in the bottom right corner and then 'Update Shift'. When you've completed a single day edit successfully, you'll see a banner on the calendar view indicating your availability for this date has been edited.

If you have questions or need help making edits to your table availability you can chat with Resy support anytime by clicking the chat icon at the bottom right corner of the Help Desk and Resy Dashboard or by emailing us at

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