Resy at Home pickup is set up using the Events tool. Set up a single day event to showcase a special one day meal kit option OR use the single day event as a template and copy it onto future dates to offer pickup on multiple days.

If guests can arrive at any time they choose within a time range (for example: “Please arrive at the restaurant between 10 am and 4 pm"), you’ll create a General Admission event. You can also use General Admission to offer only one pick up time.

If you would prefer for guests to choose the exact time they will arrive at the restaurant to pick up their kit, the event should be set up as an Assigned Seating event.

Create a General Admission Event

Please Note: This is to be used for one pickup time or if guests can arrive at any time during the shift.

You will start by setting up a General Admission event in the online dashboard.

Select "General Admission" for the Event type

Once you arrive at Step 2, Ticket Settings of your event creation, you will set up your Pick-Up options (Dishes, Meal Kit) and Add-On Items (sides, cookbook, beverage pairing).

Create an Assigned Seating Event

You will start by opening your floorplan editor in your iPad and making sure you have a floorplan that fits your pickup needs.

If you need to build out a new floorplan, first determine how many tables you will need on that floorplan. Consider your maximum number of unique orders per time and maximum order size per guest to figure this out:

  • How many unique orders can you accommodate per time: Each table represents a different guest (number of unique orders). Create one table per unique order.

  • How large can each order be: the capacity on each table represents how many of each order a guest can pickup (the size of each order). If you want guests to be able to order between 1 and 10 meal kits, set your table capacity to 1-10. If you only have one meal kit size, default all tables to 2-2 tops.

Create a floorplan with the number of tables you’ve determined you'll need.

Once your floorplan is complete, set up an Assigned Seating event in the online dashboard. Please note that turn times for pickup tables can be set to no less than 30 minutes.

Select "Assigned Seating" for the Event type

Once you arrive at Step 2, Ticket Settings of your event creation, you will toggle on the floor plan you created for the event.

*Click here for a walk through on how to How to Setup Fixed Pickup Times for your Event in the the Availability Grid and Pacing*

How to add Pickup Options:

  1. In Step 2, click 'Create Ticket'

  2. Enter the name of the pick-up option

  3. Enter the price

  4. In the section labeled 'Included With This Ticket' you will enter the details of the meal. You can click 'Add Highlight' to add an additional detail

  5. For 'Ticket Quantity', enter the number of orders you want available online

  6. For 'Ticket Policies' select whether you accept refunds and if you want gratuity included in the price

  7. Lastly, click 'Create Ticket'

This is how your Pick-up options look once you've created them in Dashboard:

Please Note: When you create multiple ticket types you will have to assign each ticket type to tables in order to proceed with the set up.

This is how guests will view your Pick-up Event options online at

*Please Note: Guests aren't able to book both ticket options at once, this would be done in separate booking transactions.

Once an event has gone live it cannot be edited. Pickup events can run alongside regular service and/or other events (up to 3 events can be created per service).

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