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Category Templates

When Creating Item Categories, you can use these Category Templates:

  • Beverage Pairing: Enhance a meal with Wine or Cocktail pairing

  • Merchandise: Sell Cookbooks, T-Shirts, and other Goods

  • Prix-Fixe: Create a Multi-course Meal with Options

Otherwise, you can select "Start From Scratch" and make your own Category.

Please Note: Item Categories are currently only available for Prepaid reservations. You'll toggle ON "Prepaid Reservation" under Step 4 or 5 to create Categories.

Category Details

When you Create a Category "from Scratch", you'll want to complete these fields:

Category Name (Required)

  • Ex: Wine Pairing, Cheese Board

  • Ex: Main Course, Sides, Desserts

Description (Optional)

Pricing: (Choose One)

  • Items are individually priced and added to the final cost

  • Items are included with the order price or carry a supplemental charge

Booking Rules: (Toggle ON/OFF)

  • Require selection(s) for booking: You can require a number of selections per guest or booking. Ex: Require 1 Selection per Guest

  • Set a maximum selection limit: You can limit how many items can be selected from this category per guest or booking. Ex: Up to 1 Selection per Guest

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