Highlight your safety measures on your Resy profile to let guests know how you and your team are creating a safe dining environment.

  1. Navigate to your Resy Dashboard > Venue

  2. Select the Listing Info tab and scroll down to Safety Measures and click Select Safety Protocols

3. Check off the Safety Measures from the menu that you are implementing at your restaurant. You also have the option to include a link to your safety page on your website. Tap Done and Save to update.

When guests visit your Resy profile online or in the app, they'll see this new safety measures panel.

When a guest clicks into the expanded view, they are provided with a full rundown of all safety measures and the outbound hyperlink if provided.

Share these Diner Code of Conduct materials with your guests to promote safety in your restaurant. We created these guidelines with the assistance of the Aspen Institute, James Beard Foundation, and National Restaurant Association. Click here to download a poster, gif and social media post!

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