Does the Guest know about the cancellation policy?

The cancellation policy is tied to your reservation slots for Global Dining Access. The cancellation fee per person amount and cancellation timing will be listed online for card members to see and shared with Amex concierge to pass along to card members they are booking on behalf of. Reservations with a cancellation fee require a Credit Card to secure the reservation.

Who charges the cancellation fee if a guest cancels in violation of the policy or no-shows on a reservation?

Resy will charge all eligible cancellation fee charges weekly. All cancellations that occur past the cancellation time determined by the restaurant will be charged.

What does the restaurant do if they do not want the Guest charged a fee?

The restaurant can contact Resy support via chat or email if they’d like to waive the fee for any reason.

How does the restaurant receive any funds collected by Resy from the cancellation fee?

Restaurants will receive a wire transfer once monthly of all cancellation fee charges collected. The disbursed amount will be the total charge minus the Credit Card Processing Fee.

Is Resy charging a fee for reservations from any previous software that supported AMEX's GDC ?

No, any previously booked reservations through AMEX's previous software that have a cancellation fee associated cannot be enforced by Resy.

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