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Ways to use your Item Library

  • Creating, updating, or deleting items

  • Checking the quantities left on your items

  • Visibility on where your active items are currently being offered

Managing your Item Library

  1. ITEM: Shows the name of each item and their cost

  2. APPLIED TO: Shows which shifts you have applied these items. (Click 'Details' to view the shifts where the Items are active.)

  3. TOTAL STOCK: Shows the total amount of that Item you have in stock

  4. DAILY LIMIT: If you have a daily max of that Item you would like sold, it would show here

  5. DATE CREATED: Shows the date you added the Item to the Library

You can add an Item in the Item Library by clicking 'Create Item':

You can Edit an Existing Item by tapping the Pencil icon next to the item:

You can copy an Existing Item by tapping the 3 dots:

You can Delete an existing Item by tapping the 3 dots next to the item:

Additional Items resources:

-How can I add Prepaid Items to a Reservation?

You can add prepaid items, like beverage pairings, to a Prepaid Reservation

- How can I manage Add-on Items?

You can manage your Tax Type and Inventory for Add-on Items

-How can I use Item Categories?

You can create and edit categories to organize your add-on items

-How to Organize Items in Categories

You can group add-on items into categories to better suit your needs

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