Please Note: You must have the 'Update Shifts' permission in order to make these updates. If you don't see 'Service' when you click the menu in the Dashboard. You will need to have your User Permissions updated.

  • If you don't have any current shifts or would like to start from scratch for your new shift you can click here for steps on how to create a shift from scratch.

Copy your shifts

  1. Click the three dots on the top right corner of the shift you wish to Copy and select ‘Copy Shift’

  2. In Step 1 Shift Basics, you'll select the days that coincide with the shift and select the date you would like the shift to start

  3. In Step 2 Service Settings, you can adjust the Floorplans that are on as well as Pacing and Turn Times

  4. In Step 3 Availability, this is where you can set the Availability (Online, In-house and Walk-in) of the tables on the floor plan. Click here for more information

  5. In Step 4 Reservation Settings, here is where you create policies for the entire shift. Then, Step 5 Custom Policies, you create Custom Policies for specific groups of tables.

  6. Click 'Update Shift', and your new shift will be listed in Shift Setting under Upcoming Shifts

Note: If you don't want to continue using your active shifts until the start date of the new shift, you'll want to delete your current shift after you've created the new shift.

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