Duplicate Your Floor Plan

Please Note: This will be done in the ResyOS app on your iPad.

First Step:

You will start by accessing the ‘Edit Floor Plan’ tool from the iPad drop down menu.

  1. Tap the venue name in the top left corner

  2. Select Edit Floor Plan

  3. Tap the floor plan name in the top middle of screen > Manage Floor Plans

  4. Tap the Floor Plan you wish to use

  5. Tap the two page icon to duplicate the Floor Plan

  6. Enter the name of the new Floor Plan

  7. Click ‘X’ to exit out of Manage Floor Plan Screen

  8. Tap the Floor Plan name in the top center of the screen and select the Newly Named Floor Plan

  9. Make your Floor Plan edits. Click here for more information on how to edit a Floorplan

  10. Click Save

Next Step:

After creating the duplicate Floor Plan, you'll want to activate it in the shift. Here are some DIRECTIONS on how to activate your Floor Plan for a Single Day.

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